Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The traveling bar

I love hanging out with my extended family during Christmas, but their tastes in alcohol run to Franzia and Miller Lite. I usually bring my own booze, because I'd rather drink the good stuff.

This year, as I was surveying my newly-expanded bar (thanks to all the fun stuff I've been exposed to at the restaurant), I realized I wanted to take a little of everything, which was clearly impossible.

So you know what I did? I pulled out all the travel water bottles in the cabinets (Camelbaks, etc.), and pre-mixed batches of cocktails in those. All I have to do is pour over ice.

I made a batch each of Paris Manhattans, Aviations, Sazeracs, and Dark n' Stormys. Plus some pre-doctored Bloody Mary mix. I also packed a few bottles of wine, the cranberry liqueur, and the last of the habanero-infused vodka.

I threw in a bottle of good Irish whiskey to round it out, and a flask of top-notch aged rum (for sipping purposes, not for mixing). So I'm all set.

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