Monday, January 9, 2012

Grandma's cookbook

This is (was, rather) my grandmother's cookbook.

She recently moved into a home; so part of Christmas this year was dividing up some of the things she couldn't take with her. This included most of her kitchen stuff, so I inherited a five-inch-deep cast-iron skillet (can you call it a skillet if it's that deep? Cast-iron dutch oven, perhaps), a heavy leaded crystal decanter-and-goblet set, her flour sifter, her cookie-cutter collection, and this cookbook.

As you can tell, it's been well-used.

There isn't a title left on it--the inscription page is missing, so I'm not sure of the title, the author, or even the date published, although the acknowledgments page lists a date of 1947. I'm assuming it was published in the late 40s.

It features many of the recipes of the time--aspics, deviled eggs, fish pie, tea sandwiches, that sort of thing. But there are also sections on pickling (very chic, these days), using the leftover bits from a hog (tripe soup, cracklins, head cheese), and information on how to get the most from your food dollar.

There's also this charming tidbit, which I love:

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