Tuesday, July 24, 2012

$0 grocery budget update

May grocery spending (including bulk purchases): $95.40
June: $204.52 (that was because of my stepson's visit)
July: $65.87

$65.87, obviously, is pretty good for a month's worth of food. Granted, I'm not buying much more than milk, eggs, cat food, and occasional fruit at the store these days. I'm slowly working through all the pantry supplies of dried beans, rice, and grains, and I'm starting to use up the more interesting things (spices, sauces, the more esoteric ingredients). As things are used up, I add them to a master grocery list, but I'm not replacing them. Yet.

Green cherry tomatoes are starting to form, and I'm getting some herbs, but I haven't bothered cultivating the herbs that didn't take (like basil). 

When my husband gets a job (whenever that is), and we move to wherever it is his new job will be, then I'll rebuild the pantry supplies. Until then, we'll be eating a lot of variations on beans, rice, lentils, and grains.

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