Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wine from my collection: Black Widow Vintage One 2006

This is one of the very, very few dessert wines I actually like. Most of them are far too sweet for my taste, almost cloying. What's the point of drinking wine that tastes like Kool-Aid? I might as well drink the Kool-Aid. But this one, Black Widow Vintage One, purchased in Vancouver during my trip last summer, is a port-style wine made from Merlot, with enough acid structure to balance out the sweetness. A little sweetness is good; too much sweetness is bad.

Unfortunately, once this bottle goes, I have no way of getting more. I first had this wine at a lovely dinner in Vancouver, in which I was also introduced to Laughing Stock Chardonnay--which to date remains the best chardonnay I've ever put in my mouth. But can I buy it in the US? Noooooooooo. In fact, the only reason I have the lone bottle of Black Widow is because the bartender at the restaurant took pity on me and sold me a bottle. (Yes, in Canada you can buy whole bottles at the bar to take home. At retail prices, no less, not some inflated bar price.) At some point I will have to drive back to Vancouver and do a wine tour of British Columbia. And this time I'm bringing multiple cases of wine back across the border, regardless of what the border cops say.

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