Monday, April 12, 2010

Wine from my collection: Etude Fortitude Frediani Field Blend 2006

This week will feature the last gasps of the wine I bought on last summer's road trip--naturally supplies are dwindling on that front. I bought nearly a case of this in San Francisco, killing time at a wine shop before my dinner reservation at Gary Danko (ahhh...Gary Danko...dreamy sigh). If I remember correctly, it retailed for about $20 per bottle, and was worth every penny.

The Fortitude Frediani Field Blend brings together several unusual varietals--primarily Charbono with some Carignane, ValdiguiƩ, and Petite Sirah., grown in Napa. It's dramatic without being overwhelming, and is equally good with food or on its own. It's difficult to find, which is one of the reasons I grabbed nearly a case when I could (the rest of the case was filled out with Stag's Leap, which I'll cover later this week).

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