Monday, June 14, 2010

Cookbook review: How to Cook Everything

How to Cook Everything
by Mark Bittman ($21.71 at Amazon)--well, the title says it all, doesn't it. I'm generally leery of "all-purpose" cookbooks--with the notable exception of The Joy of Cooking--because they all tend to cover the same basics, over and over again. Which is great, if you need that kind of thing, but I don't need another cookbook that tells me how to make marinara sauce or a club sandwich. I need a cookbook that shows me new and inventive ways to use the skills/weird things in the pantry I already have.

So I was pleasantly surprised by this one. Not too simplistic for my needs, but also simplistic enough for beginner cooks. Meaning pretty much anyone can find this cookbook useful. Also check out Mark Bittman's blog at

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  1. I just bought this a few weeks ago,and am finding it really useful. Made butterscotch sauce the other night.