Monday, June 7, 2010

Leek and potato pizza with goat cheese and wild boar bacon

Another yummy (and healthy) pizza! Layered, in order:

Whole wheat crust
Olive oil
A thin smear of ricotta
Very thinly sliced Yukon Gold potato (or any other not-white potato), in overlapping slices
Sauteed leeks (I used four across two pizzas, sauteed in the bacon fat from the wild boar bacon)
Bacon, cooked, in pieces
Fresh oregano
Lots of goat cheese

I wouldn't previously have thought to put potato slices on a pizza, but it was actually pretty good. The trick is to get them super-thin, preferably with a mandoline or very very sharp knife, so that they have time to cook. Next time I'll try something with sweet potato slices.

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