Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pork fried rice

You may remember from yesterday's post that I had most of a pig head left over from my trip to Montreal:

What does one do with a leftover pig head, you may ask? An excellent question. Turns out the answer is pork fried rice, and broth.

If I were a more productive sort of person, I probably would have figured out a way to make head cheese out of the thing. But I'm just not that productive on a weeknight.

I peeled the remaining bits of meat, fat and skin off the pig head (a fairly grisly process) and separated out the meat. The skull, cartilage, fat and skin, along with the lobster shells and half a bag of frozen vegetable scraps, went into the stockpot to make a particularly tasty broth.

Once the leftover meat was chopped up, I had about two cups worth. So I decided to make a version of pork fried rice--I say "version" because I used freshly made rice. If you let the rice sit for a day or two, the fried rice is much tastier.

But it's still pretty tasty with fresh rice. I made a big batch of brown rice (about five cups cooked, two cups uncooked).

When that was done, I put 2 tablespoons of sesame oil in a big skillet.

When it was hot, I added four beaten eggs, and essentially scrambled them.

To the eggs, I added most of a bag of fresh spinach, the rice, the pork, and lots and lots of soy sauce and kept stirring and moving everything around until it was all heated through. (Scallions would have been very good with this, too.) Serve, and done.

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