Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wine from my collection: Laughing Stock Portfolio

Here's the story behind Laughing Stock wines:

When I was in Vancouver, during the road trip, I had Laughing Stock chardonnay at a dinner and immediately fell in love with it. And I don't usually like chardonnay. Sadly, I couldn't find any to purchase to take back with me. That turned out to be very unfortunate, as I later discovered you can only get this wine in Canada--they don't export it to the US.

Why am I telling you about a wine most of you will never have the opportunity to drink? Because I was able to drink it this weekend, on my honeymoon. With the man I met on that road trip.

We spent this weekend in Montreal, and I'm currently composing a longer post about that. In the meantime, I'll tell you all about this glorious wine. We had two amazing dinners in Montreal, and the first was at DNA. (More about that later.)

DNA is known for its collection of Canadian wines, and I knew they had Laughing Stock on their wine list. Surprisingly, Canadian wine is not a big thing in Quebec. There are some amazing wines being produced in British Columbia, but the wine stores and wine lists in Montreal tend to have a great selection in French wines and little else. DNA was probably my only chance to get my hands on Laughing Stock.

So we went, and la! (insert angelic chorus here), bottles of Canadian wine were half off before 7 pm. We were able to get a bottle of Laughing Stock Portfolio (retail price: $49, restaurant price: $110) at half off. It was worth the effort to find it: big, rich, jammy, a quality blend of five grapes, and also worth the price tag. Better than the chardonnay I had the first time.

That dinner was the highlight of the trip. (More on that later.) And I was able to find (and purchase) two bottles of the stuff to take home with me.

So, to sum up: I discovered this winery on the road trip on which I met my husband. The next time I drank their wine, I was on my honeymoon with that husband. I foresee many additional trips to Canada, so I can continue drinking these wines.

And if any of you are Canadian, or will one day go to Canada, you must seek out this wine and drink some.

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