Sunday, April 22, 2012

Champagne mangoes

I've recently discovered champagne mangoes.

I first heard of their existence a few weeks ago, at work. They made their appearance on the menu, and when I asked what the difference was between champagne and regular mangoes, I was gently chided--apparently their is no such thing as a "regular" mango. By "regular," I mean the kind that are normally sold in the store. You know what I'm talking about--faintly reddish on the outside, super juicy, about the size of my hand.

So when I saw champagne mangoes in the grocery store, I picked up a couple.

Oh. My. God.

They're smaller than "regular" mangoes, golden-colored both inside and outside, and the flavor is much creamier. Much less fruit acid, less drippy juice, more concentrated mango flavor. I ended up peeling them and eating them over the sink like an apple. DELICIOUS.

If you see some, buy them and eat them immediately.

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