Sunday, April 8, 2012

Road food

It's challenging to make for a road trip when there isn't much food in the house to begin with.

The usual stuff, right? Sandwiches, chips, fruit, water, drinks.

Except I don't have sandwich bread, sandwich meat, chips, or drinks.

I'm okay on fruit and water.

So, in preparation for our annual 21-hour drive to Missouri, I had to get creative. (Why be creative?, you ask. Why not just buy some sandwiches and call it a day? Well, a) to use up what I did have, and b) I can't afford to spend money on sandwiches since I'm losing a week of income this month. See above-referenced drive to Missouri.)

I used leftover stale restaurant hamburger buns and rolls as sandwich bases; the rolls got mustard, cheese, and bacon, and the hamburger buns got cheese, bacon, and scrambled eggs mixed with fresh spinach and herbs from my container garden. Bonus: used up all the eggs, bacon, and stale bread. And those will be some kick-ass egg sandwiches.

Next, I made a bag of snack stuff. Popcorn, apples, dried mango slices, almonds, granola bars, graham crackers, plenty of tea bags (both hot and iced) and chocolate chips.

Drinks will consist of bottled water (frozen, so as to provide ice for the sandwiches, and also they'll melt slowly and stay cold for the whole trip) plus two large thermoses; one with hot water for tea, one with pre-made coffee.

We won't have to buy food or caffeine at any point; our only stops will be for gas and bathroom breaks.

Missouri, here we come!

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