Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Home again

Returning home after a vacation usually means coming home to an empty refrigerator. I make sure to let our food supply run down a lot before vacations, thereby a) cleaning out the refrigerator, but also b) saving some money for the trip.

But that, of course, means coming home and having to scrounge for food. (And sometimes not having any money for groceries.)

Fortunately, I have an ample supply of pesto in the freezer. That, and pasta, became our dinner for the day we returned. (See 3Ps.)

I went grocery shopping yesterday, but I had a list of dishes I could cobble together, based on what little was available.

A big batch of tomato sauce
Orzo with feta, tomatoes and peas
White bean soup with spinach
Corn and potato chowder
Pizza with fresh mozzarella
Sweet potato, corn and cranberry bean soup
Pasta puttanesca

Also there were still two whole fish in the freezer, which I could have cobbled together with some frozen veggies (peas, corn or green beans) and rice or potatoes for a quick meal. Dried fruit could have provided some more needed vitamins.

As an added bonus, my spinach went crazy while we were gone--there was enough baby spinach to provide us with a fresh spinach salad upon our return.

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