Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Smoked salmon toasts

When I go grocery shopping, I tend to do it big. I used to do it once every three months; now that budgeting isn't quite as tight, I do it about once a month (sometimes once every six weeks). Because I have a long list, I'm not tempted to buy frivolous impulse things. That said, I like to treat myself to one special thing each time. Sometimes it's a fancy cheese; sometimes it's exotic fruit; sometimes a pork roast or lamb chops.

This time I got smoked salmon.

I've been having smoked salmon cravings lately (I don't know why). So I made sure I also had the appropriate smoked salmon fixin's: sour cream, fresh dill, crusty bread, and capers.

If you have smoked salmon, or really any kind of smoked fish, that's the best way to eat it. A piece of crusty baguette, a slice of smoked salmon, a smear of sour cream, a piece of fresh dill, and a couple of capers. In that order. 10 or 12 of those makes a fine lunch.

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