Monday, June 10, 2013

This week's cooking

My husband has been sick all week--some variant of flu, which means he hasn't been consuming much outside of water and NyQuil. The black bean soup I made last week was mostly untouched, so I put those containers into the freezer to save for another time. That also means I'll have to do less cooking for the week ahead--there's still some chicken curry left over.

So I thawed the last whole chicken in the freezer, and roasted it with the last of the potatoes. I made a mac and cheese with frozen spinach, made myself some wraps, and called it a day. Hubs can supplement that with fruit and salad, and if for some reason we run out of prepared food before I have a chance to make more, there are always the containers of soup in the freezer.

Added bonus: I can put off grocery shopping until next weekend.

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