Thursday, October 13, 2011

Grilled pork loin with green tomato jam

My new kitchen comes with a built-in indoor grill. How awesome is that?

The problem is that a) my grilling skills are rusty, and b) it eliminates two burners on the stove.

Oh well.

I decided to give the indoor grill an inaugural run with grilled pork tenderloin. It worked great--the pork came out a little dry, but it was cooked all the way through and the house didn't burn down, so I consider the grill test run a smashing success.

Because it was a test, I didn't do anything to the pork--no marinades or anything. I just turned on the grill, slapped the tenderloins on, and turned them periodically until the internal temperature hit 150. To offset the dryness when it was done, I served it with green tomato jam, which was a killer combination. I highly recommend it.

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  1. Yes very awesome.And so to see you are making good use of it. Don't worry it is only amtter of practice;)The green tomato jam with it.mhmmm:)