Monday, October 17, 2011

Winter vegetable soup

This was another one of those throw-a-bunch-of-random-stuff-together-with-broth soups, but hey, it's still delicious.

As we continue to unpack and settle in, the CSA deliveries are still trickling in. Unfortunately, it's the time of year where they're mostly potatoes and greens. I have so much other stuff to deal with right now (finding and hanging curtains, re-registering the cars in a new state, repainting the hallway, and, you know, finding a job) that I don't have the time to do inspirational things with collard greens.

Besides, soup is simple. And comforting.

Here's what I threw in, in order:

an onion, diced
a green pepper and two red peppers, diced
several potatoes (some fingerlings, some Yukon Gold, some unidentified), cubed
three...well, they were either turnips or rutabagas, not sure which; I peeled and diced them
a head of collard greens, sliced
vegetable broth to float everything

I cooked that down until the potatoes were tender, flavored with salt, and shoved the whole batch into the fridge.

Exciting, no?

Now I have to figure out what to do with all the beets.

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