Thursday, October 27, 2011

New food processor!

Something always gets broken during moving. Despite the best efforts of the movers, I lost 1) the top to a sangria pitcher (the bottom got repurposed as a vase) and 2) my food processor.

The old food processor, a KitchenAid 12-cup, was a real workhorse. I'd had it for at least three years (possibly four), and man, I put that thing through its paces. I liked it so much I got my mom and sister each one. It worked perfectly right up to the day of the move--but when I unpacked it and turned it on, nothing happened. There was no visible damage to anything, but it just didn't work anymore.

So I upgraded.

To the KitchenAid 13-cup food processor.

(Hey, it was only $25 more.)

And wow, that thing It's ginormous, it has an external adjustable slicing blade, and the feeder tube is adjustable too--you can fit a whole apple in there at once. I grated cheese, sliced some veggies, and made a batch of pesto to see how it works. One caveat--it comes with two work bowls and sets of tools, one bigger, one smaller. If you're making a small batch of something (like, say, pesto), you definitely want to use the smaller bowl--the large chopping gadget doesn't even reach all the way down to the bottom of the large bowl. Which is great for large batches of things, but not for small batches.

Also it sounds like a jet engine taking off when you get it fired up.

Regardless, it's amazing. It's not often I have a brand-spanking-new appliance in my kitchen. I'm hoping to get at least four years of solid, almost-every-day performance out of this one, too.

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  1. You sound like Brandy, she's in love with her kitchen aid mixer