Saturday, October 8, 2011

Moving once is like dying twice the Germans say.

Well, we're officially moved in. Note that "moved in" is not the same as "fully unpacked." This move was pretty easy, comparatively speaking--my husband's company relocated us, so we didn't actually have to pay for it, or pack anything, or load anything, or unload anything.

But there's still all the unpacking, plus all the accompanying paperwork--you know, re-registering the cars, getting a new bank account (Bank of America royally screwed me, but that's another post), changing our address on all our accounts, getting new cable/internet, etc. We also moved into a twisty Victorian house, so our massive entertainment center wouldn't even make it in the front door. That had to be abandoned to the basement, and we'll be going to Ikea in search of modular furniture in the near future.

So, sorry for the absence of new posts this week. I've been eating out of Tupperware all week (I cooked big batches of soup in anticipation of that), and between work and unpacking, I haven't cooked a thing. I hope to have something for you tomorrow!

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