Saturday, September 25, 2010

Cooking in a hotel room, part 2

So, now the kitchen has all the hardware essentials. Now I have to stock it with pantry essentials.

Most of what I brought with us from California were remnants--partial bottles/containers of essentials that I couldn't bear to get rid of. If I'd had the opportunity to eat down everything until there was nothing left, and then restock from scratch on the other side, I would have done that. But because we had to move so quickly, there were a lot of things making the trip with us I wouldn't have bothered with otherwise.

Here's what I brought:
2 half-bulk bags of flour (1 all-purpose, 1 bread)
about 10 pounds of potatoes
the rest of all the dried bulk stuff: quinoa, barley, bulgur wheat, several kinds of beans, lentils, rice, etc.
a representative portion of all the spices
balsamic vinegar, red wine vinegar, white wine vinegar, rice wine vinegar, tarragon vinegar
olive oil, truffle oil
non-stick spray
the rest of the garlic and the picked tomatoes
sundried tomatoes, dried mushrooms
bread crumbs
sugar (regular, brown, confectioner's)
the rest of the spaghetti and penne
a box of crackers
a bag of whole almonds
chicken broth
baking chocolate
peanut butter, half a jar of Nutella
pine nuts
red curry paste
ziploc bags, foil, parchment paper, wax paper

Here's what came in the cooler:
2 packs Italian sausage
3 big blocks of parmesan
1 big block mozzarella
the last of my barbecue sauce
anchovy paste
soy sauce
worchestershire sauce
lime juice

Bought once we arrived:
onions, shallots
whole wheat flour
vegetable oil
mustard, ketchup, mayo
puff pastry
frozen corn, peas, spinach, lima beans
baking soda
tonic water
canned tomatoes
coconut milk
goat cheese
feta cheese

And, of course, we restocked the liquor supply. Plus we brought two cases of wine. (That was all I could cram in the car. The rest had to go with the movers, surreptitiously.)

So far I've done fine with just those things.

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