Sunday, September 12, 2010

Wine from my collection: Cosentino Sangiovese 2006

Meh. That's my verdict on this wine: meh.

I've been sorting through my wine collection during the packing process, trying to bring as much as possible with me to our sixty days of temporary housing, rather than subject it to the whims of professional movers. Plus then I can drink it. But there's only so much room in our car, and we still have to take the remains of the pantry, our clothes, shoes, cats, etc. So there ended up being two boxes of wine/booze that I deemed necessary to daily living (the good stuff) and the rest that I could live without for two months.

Then, of course, there were about three bottles that couldn't fit into the wine that got packed, because there wasn't room. So I have to drink those before we leave.

This was one of them. I got it during BevMo's buy-one-get-one-for-five-cents sale, and I can't remember what I paid for the first bottle. Most definitely under $20, probably much less than that. I wasn't impressed. I wasn't unimpressed, either, it's perfectly fine for everyday drinking, but not something you'd showcase at a nice dinner party or bring out for celebrations. It's a little spicy, tannic, takes a while to open up.

Of course, consumed as I have been by moving, I may just be transferring my crankiness to the wine.

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